Concierge Services

    At Abel Concierge we know the key to our success is personnel selection. We carefully select only the best qualified employees to represent our Concierge group. Our pre-employment screening process is vigorous and thorough to meet your high standards. Many of our concierges have been selected from our Security group, for their proven reliability, professionalism, and acquired service skills.

    Our Concierge solutions include formal or casual dressed personnel, comprehensive site instruction manuals for uniform service levels, installation and maintenance of Electronic Touring Systems, and site supervision. We also offer a number of value added services, which will be customized to specifically fit your property’s needs.

     Our training procedures include in-office training in customer service, public relations, prevention and protection, emergency response, conflict resolution, and safety. In addition to this training all concierge personnel receive a comprehensive training in front desk, phone and office etiquette and procedures. We also train concierge to serve the client’s needs for value added services.

     All of our services begin with an initial evaluation from an experienced account executive. We will create a detailed service program, which outlines our evaluation, including the customer’s needs and requirements. We will create a comprehensive site instruction manual. Our Account executive will personally begin the implementation process, establishing the real-time needs of your site. All of this will be done prior to concierge staff implementation. Abel Security management will be there every step of the way, with frequent follow up calls and appointments to ensure your continued customer satisfaction.

     Some guaranteed features of our concierge services include, but are not limited to;


On-site concierge staff twenty-four hours daily or as needed

Office assistant and reception for management

Receiving, logging, and distributing all packages and deliveries

Monitoring the lobby for resident and visitor safety

Monitoring all property security and safety systems

Patrolling all points of property as needed

Twenty four-hour service call response

Notifying police, fire, or EMT services when necessary

Reporting, deterring, and eliminating problems on property

Detailed shift and incident reports written for and submitted to management

Added value services as requested

Laundry/dry cleaning, car service, limo, taxi, reservations, etc