Security Services

    At Abel Security, we know that our service is our employees. That is why we are committed to employing the most qualified people to perform our security services for you. Through vigorous and thorough pre-employment screening and training processes, we guarantee that we will meet and exceed your high standards.

    Our security solutions include on-site uniformed security personnel as needed, supervisory patrols, electronic touring systems, and patrol strategy. We will define your property’s specific security needs, and determine your highest expectations, in order to provide the exact solution that you are looking for.

    Our proactive security strategies outline problem-oriented policing styles, where we determine the problems on your property, and put our main efforts there. We begin with an initial evaluation of your property, by an experienced account executive, determining your property’s specific needs. Next, we create a detailed service program based on the evaluation, and formulate a plan and date for implementation. Our account executive will then personally begin the implementation process. Most importantly, we will continue to monitor our own performance, and ensure that all security related issues on your property are properly dealt with, and all your needs and expectations are met. Abel Security management will work closely with you every step of the way, with frequent follow up calls and appointments regarding your continued satisfaction with our performance.

    Our hiring and training procedures ensure only the most qualified individuals will work on your property. These procedures include in-office training in customer service, public relations, prevention and protection, emergency response, conflict resolution, and safety. After potential employees complete this course of training, they are assigned to on-site training. Here, employees receive site-specific training from qualified and experienced professionals, in order to become familiar with operating procedures, property layout, and community members. Our goal at Abel Security is to improve the quality of life at your community, and our employees are trained to do just that.

     Some guaranteed features of our security services include, but are not limited to;


Uniformed and/or plain clothed security personnel

Monitoring all aspects of property, including stairwells, parking lots, and all points of entry

Foot and/or vehicle patrols of interior and exterior

Twenty four-hour response to service calls

Identifying, reporting, deterring, and eliminating problems on property

Electronic touring systems, at no cost to you, to ensure that our personnel are completing monitor rounds

Site-specific patrol strategies and objectives

Notifying police, fire, or EMT services when necessary

Detailed shift and incident reports written for and submitted to management